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My tips for taking care of your hair in winter

Mes conseils pour prendre soin de ses cheveux en hiver
With the change of season, our hair also faces different changes. In winter especially, our hair is much more fragile, dry, electric, brittle, swollen and dull
Don't worry, with my top tips, you will be able to protect your hair during the winter and have a shiny, silky and healthy hair !

1: Sort through your shampoos

Shampoo is a very important product in our hair routine. This is why you should not use just any and especially during the winter! A good shampoo does not contain sulphate. The latter is a foaming agent and surfactant widely used in shampoos but its dangers are numerous in the long term : fragile, brittle, dry hair, limits growth and can cause hair loss. Next, the shampoo should be suitable for your hair type. Favor a nourishing shampoo, moisturizing, organic and composed only of natural agents (as for any other product for that matter).

2: Avoid heating appliances

It's not a secret I think and yet many people still do it unfortunately... Straighteners, curlers, hot air hair dryers are to be banned absolutely! These devices make the hair electric, dry, fragile and brittle. What should I replace these devices with? the kardoune, the micro-fiber towel and the cold air hair dryer for example. Get to know your hair and accept it as it is, with the right methods, care and accessories, you'll get there. keep your hair natural.


3: Don't miss the treatment day 

Shampoo and conditioner are used to wash our hair, not to repair or care for it. To take care of your hair, you have to repair the hair fiber deeply. For this, nothing better than a good hair care ! Oil bath, nourishing treatment or moisturizing treatment, it is necessary to alternate and be regular to obtain real results. Always favor natural ingredients or products! The frequency of treatment is once a week. On my Instagram account I offer several very easy recipes and tips. Click here to discover them.

4: Take care of your scalp

Cold, rain and heating can create a dry and scaly scalp. This is why activating the blood circulation of his scalp is necessary in order to stimulate the growth of your hair, to warm your skull and thus activate the sebaceous glands. The latter secrete sebum which naturally moisturizes your hair. Use an exfoliating and stimulating scalp brush will help you with this step. You can get it by just clicking here. To go even further, do not hesitate to stimulate your scalp by applying a vegetable oil suitable for your hair type.

5: Brush your hair

If you have straight/wavy hair, brush your hair upside down at least once a day. This will allow distribute all the sebum present on your hair from roots to ends, which will naturally nourish. Only, if you have curly, curly or frizzy hair you understand me if I say that it is not possible to brush them every day... only, the day of your wash day take the time to detangle and brush your hair. Always start at the ends, gradually going up to the roots. Use a brush that is suitable for your hair type. 

6: Go out with dry hair

It's a received idea that we've all heard from our mother or grandmother "Don't go out with your hair wet"! Know that they are well and truly right on this point... Indeed, if you go out with wet hair, you make it more vulnerable and fragile. Water penetrates the hair fiber and this can thus swell it. Always dry your hair before leaving your home, whether in the open air or with a hair dryer (on cold air don't forget!). Even if it takes a little longer, it is essential for the health of your hair.

7: Space out your shampoos

Don't wash your hair anymore once or twice a week maximum. Washing them too much can lead to a risk of dehydration and dryness as well as itchy scalp. This is why it is recommended to space out your shampoos. If all the same, you feel that your hair is dirty and that you absolutely have to wash it more than once or twice a week, I advise you to proceed with the co-wash. This method consists of using a single product which cleans and hydrates your hair at the same time. For my part, I use my conditioner which I apply to my roots and lengths, I use my stimulating scalp brush to remove all residue and I rinse with cold water. Do not hesitate to test this trick which will allow you to space out your shampoo day.

8: Protect your hair overnight

The last piece of advice I can give you is to protect your hair overnight. I wrote a whole article on the blog about it, do not hesitate to read it by clicking here. Betting on a soft material like satin and avoid cotton or linen for example.
You now have all my tips for having fabulous hair this winter ! All you have to do is apply them and see the results. Your hair deserves to be pampered and treated with gentleness and love. Do not neglect them, especially in these cold weather.


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