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Who are we ?

Let me introduce myself, Fatine, 23 years old, Belgian, fan of natural hair and creator of the KYN brand.
I guess if you're here you've had the same problem as me... You fall asleep with beautiful hair and in the morning it's a nightmare? Tangled, dry, undefined and frizz your best friend? Well don't worry, I have the solution, you've come to the right place!
Satin accessories have changed my life, because all you have to do is adopt the right gestures and in the morning my hair is perfect! It's over with the 20-minute routines every morning before going to work only to arrive late, because the result never satisfies you (yes, I know this situation…), now I rehydrate them a little, the whole thing takes me less than 5 minutes and the day can begin.

How was KYN born? 

Young graduate in logistics management, I never thought I would be in the world of e-commerce. Before, for me, e-business/e-commerce was something that didn't speak to me at all because I like to be in contact with people. Only, about a year ago, I myself was looking for a satin bonnet to protect my hair during the night because it was a disaster when I woke up! (You must surely know that pain in the morning when you see that your whole routine has been ruined in just a few hours...). So I was looking for my famous satin bonnet and after several searches, I didn't find anything that I didn't like or the prices were really exorbitant. I said to myself that it was not possible, that it is not normal that such an important accessory for all of our hair, is not available on the market with a good quality-price ratio. 
I had to do something. I could not stay like this because I know that several people are in the same situation in which I was. Fan of natural hair, I advocate the naturalness of all textures (smooth, wavy, curly, curly and frizzy)! And the satin bonnet can help us on our journey. So I reacted, I inquired, I went to find the fabrics, the colors myself, I thought about the models, the sizes and I finally really got started! Today, I offer several accessories that you can discover by just clicking here.
I absolutely wanted my accessories to be handmade in my own city, Brussels, to be able to keep an eye on the quality and to have the shortest possible production circuit, because yes, we also have to think of our dear planet! To tell you the truth, we started, me and my dad, to try to sew the accessories ourselves... (It was a total failure, having never done specialized studies in sewing. I don't know what who took us! 😂
After ransacking several satin fabrics, I resigned myself and started looking for a designer. I directly found the rare pearl. A lady who sews in a perfect way and whose finishes are extraordinary. 🧵 So I trusted him and have no regrets because our accessories are of very good quality (both in terms of fabrics and sewing)!
In the end, I realized that even by doing e-commerce, it is possible to have contact with beautiful souls. By discussing with you and helping you to accept your hair, for example. Beyond a brand, KYN is a way of seeing and accepting certain things. Natural, handmade, local, all these adjectives are the values of the company and my personal life. 💞
This is the story of the birth of my little baby: Keep Your Natural and this is only the beginning of a great adventure, I hope. 
My main goal with KYN is to make you accept your naturalness. Whether it's straight, wavy, curly, curly or frizzy, every hair is beautiful and I want to show you that with a few accessories and good advice, you can accept it and love it. ❤️
With love, xx
Fairies B.



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