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How to grow your hair faster?

Comment faire pousser ses cheveux plus rapidement ?

Many of us dream of having Rapunzel's hair length but that's easier said than done, isn't it? You also you struggle to grow your hair ? Every time they push, you find yourself having to cut everything because your lengths and ends are not healthy and so you start from scratch ? Thanks to advice that I will give you in this article, you will stimulate and accelerate your hair growth and maintain healthy hair to reach your dream length.

My first tip:

Take care of his scalp. A healthy and healthy scalp is the safety that the hair grow back faster, more easily and more great quantity. Because yes, the better the hair bulb is oxygen, less a hair will fall and this will break. Wondering how to take care of your little skull? It's simple, two tricks are recommended.

  • The first is to stimulate your scalp by massaging it daily. In front of the tv, in the shower, before sleeping or when you read your book, you can find 5 short minutes to do your massage, right? It is THE gesture to adopt to stimulate growth and oxygenate the scalp. You can do it with your fingers or with the stimulating scalp brush for even more efficiency
  • The second tip will be to exfoliate the scalp. How to do it? Once a month, add a tablespoon of salt to your shampoo and massage your scalp. This mixture is very effective because it activates the micro circulation which is important for hair growth, it eliminates impurities, dandruff, pollution and your cells are renewed, which basically means that your hair grows back much faster. For this step too, you can do it with your fingers or with the stimulating and exfoliating brush.

My second tip:

Eat well and stay hydrated. If you apply all the best hair advice in the world but your diet does not follow, you will not see No result... our whole body needs good vitamins and good nutrients and our hair is also part of it ! Adopt a diet rich in vitamins, iron, zinc and protein is therefore essential for the good health of our hair. And don't forget to hydrate yourself well and drink at least 1.5L of mineral water per day. If you can't do it for x reasons, don't hesitate to do dietary supplement treatments who can help you. Ask your advice pharmacist Where doctor to know which treatment to choose.

My third tip:

Oil baths are your best friends! Apply a blend of oils to stimulate your hair to grow faster. Many vegetal oils are known to accelerate growth like the oil of castor, from mustard and of fenugrec for example. Mix the oils together and apply them to your roots, making sure to massage your skull well and leave on for a minimum hour under a care charlotte. To rinse out the oil bath, consider using the shampoo alone without wetting your hair once and then rinse with water and re-shampoo. Then proceed to your usual hair routine. Think about making "oil bath cures"during three month minimum for one maximum effects.

My fourth tip:

This is my last and one of the most important ; take care of your whole hair. Let me explain, you don't just have to stimulate your scalp to succeed in having long hair as you wish. It is necessary at all costs to ensure take care of your hair by making weekly care, in reducing chemicals as well as chemical stains and protect your lengths and ends during day and night. If your hair rubs on an unsuitable material, it will break it and you will end up with a length in "rat tail" without volume, definition and shine. Satin is your hair's best friend, thanks to its material smooth, gentle and slippery, your hair will be protected, he will keep his hydration and his shine. You can use the bonnet and the pet day or night and pillowcase when you go to bed. Do not hesitate to read my article on "how to protect your hair overnight" for more details!


You now know my tips for having a good length. Personally, I always had very long curly hair for several years. I decided to cut short last November because I needed a change and sometimes I want to find my old length. By applying all those advices, my hair already has enormously pushed in a very short periods of time. This is proof that there is no secrets and that no hair grows faster than another, it's all just about perseverance, from patience and of will. So don't give up!

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