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How do I protect my hair overnight?

Comment protéger mes cheveux durant la nuit ?

You know that feeling when you do a great hair routine and the next morning it's like the whole routine was for naught and then you find yourself trying to catch up on your hairstyle in the middle of the morning?! Admit that you haven't thought of protect your hair overnight... Whether you have straight, wavy, curly or curly hair, don't miss this crucial step!

I will give you here my infallible advice for having beautiful hair even when you wake up, remember them well because they will make all the difference.


1. Use a satin bonnet

The satin bonnet is the savior of our hair! You'll see, you won't be able to do without it soon!

 Why ? Since satin is a hydrophobic material, it retains all the moisture present in your hair and does not absorb your hair products. Its smooth and fluid material allows your hair to slide and not rub against a material such as cotton or linen for example, which greatly reduces frizz and reduces split ends in the long term. In addition, your hair stays shiny for several days and finally, it will fall and break less because your hair fiber will be protected under this satin cap. Easy to use, easy to take anywhere, even on vacation or elsewhere, and practical to store, the satin bonnet should become the accessory that you won't let go of!

How to use it ? If you have long hair it is better to tie your hair with a pineapple cut (I will explain this hairstyle in more detail in point 3) and put on the cap. If you have short hair, you can just put on the cap directly.

On our site you can get your satin bonnet to protect your hair during the night, you have the choice between various colors and two sizes: elastic or adjustable cord, both will not hurt your head. Shop your beanie by just clicking here.

 2. Satin pillowcases are your best friend

So you understood how important satin is for our hair. In addition to the satin bonnet, the other essential accessory is the satin pillowcase! If you can't stand sleeping with something on your head, then turn to this product instead. In addition to the many benefits for your hair of the satin material mentioned above, the pillowcase is also superb for our skin. Because yes, our skin is always in contact with our pillow at night, so we have to sleep on a good material like satin. It reduces wrinkles, acne and is hypoallergenic. What better combo than being able to protect your hair and your skin at the same time?
Our pillowcases also exist in various colors and for this product, three sizes are available, click here to get one (or more ;-)).

3. Make protective hairstyles

The third tip I can give you is to do protective hairstyles. You have two that are easy, handy, and get real results. Among these, you have the pineapple cut and the braid.
Pineapple cut: tilt your head forward and collect all your hair forward, tying it with a satin scrunchie. Your lengths are thus protected for the whole night!
Braid: you can make the braid model you want (only one at the back, one on each side of the face,...). Your hair will also be protected and you can have a peaceful night!
Be careful, to tie your hair you must absolutely use a satin scrunchie. Indeed, it will not break your hair fiber, will not make a mark and will preserve the hydration of your hair. You have a range of colors available on the site, there is one that will catch your eye! Discover them just here.

4. Moisturize or nourish your lengths and ends

Remember to moisturize your ends and lengths if your hair is very dry. You can apply a leave-in and/or vegetable oil adapted to your hair type (a future article will discuss this subject). 

5. When you wake up, adopt a routine

Even if you protect your hair during the night, it is still essential to refresh it in the early morning so that it is protected for the day! Spray your hair with a spray bottle made up of water and aloe vera gel, for example, and you're ready to tackle a new day!
There you go, now you have my 5 tips to protect your hair overnight. It may seem like a lot while reading this article. But don't worry, actually doing it doesn't take a lot of time and by dint of inking this into your hair routine, it will go quickly and your hair will thank you !

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