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For each type of hair, its vegetable oil

A chaque type de cheveu, son huile végétale
Our hair is often confronted with different external aggressions which can make it dry, rough, dull and so on... That's why it's important to take care of your hair all year round. and vegetable oils can really help you. These act directly on the hair fiber and are essential for the health of our hair.
AttentionYou have to differentiate between vegetable oils, which are extracted from plants, seeds, flowers or fruits, mineral oils, which are derived from petroleum, and animal oils, which are harvested from the organs of fish! To enjoy all its benefits, in addition to being vegetable, the oil should be good quality, unrefined, produced by cold and biological pressure if it's possible.
Only, it is not easy to choose the vegetable oil that goes with your hair type. If you don't know which oil to choose during your care, read this article to finally have your answer. Let's go !

Which oil for my hair type?

- Combination hair (oily roots and dry ends)

The most effective oil for this type of hair is the oil of jojoba. The latter allows to regulate the sebum, to degrease the hair while moisturizing it.

- Dry hair

You have the choice between several oils: the oil of coco, argan, avocado, from souchet, from baobab from macadamia, from shea, d'olive and of moringa are your allies if you have dry hair. Rich in omega 6, these oils will deeply nourish your hair fibre, prevent dehydration and strengthen your hair.

- Greasy hair

The oil of jojoba, from hemp, from nigella and of hazelnut are ideal for oily hair. All these oils have the characteristic of regulating sebum and moisturizing it at the same time. The perfect combo for beautiful hair!

- Oily scalp

The oil of nigella is the best recommended for this type of problem. Indeed, it regulates sebum and deeply degreases the hair.

- Thin hair

For this type of hair, the most recommended oils are: sesame, from castor, from mustard, from coco and argan. In addition to being fine, which allows them to better penetrate the hair fiber to repair it, these vegetable oils are very suitable for fine and fragile hair that needs to be fortified.

- Curly hair

The oil of piqui, which has exceptional virtues that allow you to draw the curls well and the oil of broccoli which makes it easy to detangle your hair and makes it shiny and soft!

- Brittle hair

You need an oil that repairs, nourishes, strengthens and protects against external aggressions. The one that has all these benefits is the oil avocado, which is rich in fatty acids.

- Frizzy hair

To take care of your curly hair, bet on nourishing oils that will smooth the hair to reduce frizz and coat your curls. Among these is the oil of mine, baobab, piqui, hemp, coco, broccoli and moringa which are superb for this type of hair!

- Colored hair 

Bet on oil hibiscus which is rich in antioxidants, which will help protect your color. oil d'olive also can help you because it is concentrated in polyphenols and vitamins, it helps preserve the shine of your hair unlike some oils that cause color to fade (coconut oil for example).

When to use vegetable oils?

You have the choice, either you use vegetable oils to daily care or for a deeper care, in mask or oil bath.

In daily care:

To protect your hair from aggressive external agents (pollution, wind, tobacco, dust, etc.), you can apply a few drops of oil to your hair daily. This is especially recommended if you have dry, brittle, dull, split ends, curly or frizzy hair. Take a few drops of oil of your choice that goes with your hair type and heat the material between your hands, apply starting with your ends and go up little by little. You can apply oil to your scalp daily to activate hair growth and reduce hair loss (in this case, choose an oil that regulates sebum as mentioned above) using a stimulating scalp brush to facilitate application. Be careful to always have the light hand so as not to grease your hair!

In mask or oil bath:

For deeply care for your hair, opt for a mask or oil bath. This is to be done once a week max and before your shampoo.
For a hair mask or oil bath, mix all the ingredients in a bowl, detangle your hair and apply the mask to your hair. Leave on at least one hour and then proceed with your usual shampoo. For minimize exposure time and maximize effects, consider using a care cap. The latter will have a heating effect on your hair, which will allow the care to penetrate better.

You have beautiful hair!

You now have all the keys in hand to how to use vegetable oils on your hair. Know that in addition to being natural, oils have been used for millennia because they are true allies of beauty. They may be suitable for all hair types as you can see above and let's deal with different issues. You will understand, if you want beautiful healthy hair, include oils in your hair routines!
My favorite brand for vegetable oils remains Waam and Aromazone. On each oil mentioned in the article, just click to find the link on their website.

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